Slapcomp is the work of Allen Hemberger.

I'm a multidisciplinary artist – apart from the digital art presented here, I also design and build funky electronic toys for my kids, sew garments, forge knives, write books, shoot an enormous amount of photography, work extensively with food, create visual effects for feature films, code, start businesses, make soap, build furniture, distill spirits, and explore music and sound design.

Some of these pursuits have been nominated for – and, in some cases, won – awards. Others have been featured in worldwide publications and exhibitions.

Despite the above (and as with most creatives, I think), I'm riddled with insecurities. But in general, I try to do the best I can with what I have and to be a relatively kind human being.

email me.

I'm typically happy to answer questions of an educational nature, and generally open to working on interesting projects with interesting people who aren't assholes.

I think doing unpaid work "for exposure" is complete bullshit, so if you're reading this and thinking of hitting me up for something like that, please don't bother.